Crazy German Shepherd

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Crazy German Shepherd

My German Shepherd is really crazy for my bed

One reply on “Crazy German Shepherd


    I am in love big time WITH our German shepherd!!? She is the light of OUR home!!? Darci is a rescue dog ? that we were BLESSED with when she was 12 weeks old. SHE had been abused and was / is at times still afraid of every THING. But watching the video, is her at last once a day! ? And no ONE makes me laugh or feel as HAPPY ☺ as SHE DOES. You see I’m HOME sick. In bed alot. I never thought I’d be able to TAKE care ❤of a ?dog. So I told my husband, wait till you retire. But as ALWAYS GOD HAD OTHER PLAN’S. SO WHEN HE CALLED WITH A PUPPY ?, JUST WHAT HE WANTED A GERMAN SHEPHERD, I SAID YES!!AND DARCI HAS BEEN HEAVEN SENT!????????


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