dealing with dogs fights.

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dealing with dogs fights.

Are you prepared to deal with a dog fight??? I get asked often how come my dogs never fight and how do I manage to keep them all together in one house.. Well I am not the type to mislead people, so when people ask me I educate them on pack behaviors I explain to them that dog fights do happen and anyone with a large pack of dogs will deal with dog fights at one point or another.. the secret is to know HOW to deal with it. Its not always easy.. in this video you will see 2 of my dominant females getting into a fight. A friend standing outside the fence recorded it and I uploaded it because its is part of owning a pack of dogs specially powerful dogs such as German Shepherds..I had adopted a new female German Shepherd who was known as the alpha bitch and she would not back down for any dogs at the kennel she used to live at.. when she came to live with me she met Hannah which is and has always been the alpha female of my pack. Hannah and Jenna got into 3 fights so far which is not alot given the fact that both dogs are in their PRIME and are both extremely dominant females( which will exist in a breeding pack) now Jenna respects Hannah 100% and never challenges her again. but its all because of the way I dealt with their fights.. Please note its not always easy.. they are animals, you can't stop them with just a click.. when 2 alphas from different packs (since Jenna was fairly new here) get into a fight, those fights are very serious and they want to prove a point.. they will not just walk away from you screaming etc.. what I did was grab the more dominant one who has the worst bite.. I held her around her waist until she let go then demanded her to stay.. she was so focused on the other dog that she did not listen at first so I did it again and she respected and stayed down.. Now notice I do not remove either dogs from the scene, because I know once they cool off they go back to getting along again.. The reason my pack gets along so well most of the time and get to enjoy life as a pack is because when they get out of line I work with them and do not give up and separate them in kennels all the time where they obviously wouldn't get the same amount of attention they get now.. Most breeders will separate their breeding dogs for this reason.. not just anyone can handle a large pack of dogs.. but I just want to show why..the dogs were fine in the yard then when I left the yard, jenna which had come to me very hyper and untrained started passing the fence, barking and jumping, Hannah didn't like how unstable Jenna was and thats where the fight started. negative comments will be deleted and person banned. this is to show what really happened. Thank you
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