Disorderly dog household with Augusto the dog trainer

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Disorderly dog household with Augusto the dog trainer

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Today I went to my clients home who has a 5 month old GSD who she claims is completely out of control and driving the family crazy., they can't leave anything within his reach because he will grab it, eat it or destroy it.. The trash can was being kept on top of the counter and the family couldn't vacuum or mop the house because he would be right there biting and attacking the vacuum or mop.
Watch how I go about immediately addressing the issue and making it clear to the dog what's expected from him. Now it's time for the family to practice with him for a week and I'll check back with them so see how they are doing by next week 🙂
Please share this video if you think it can helps. Friend with a dog who behaves similar to Buster.
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