Dog training with Augusto Deoliveira.

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Dog training with Augusto Deoliveira.

His owner have spent thousands of dollars in training with different trainers, some trainers stopped working with him when he was 6 months and was too aggressive for them, they have been told many different things, some said he was fear aggressive others said he was just plain aggressive, but no one actually helped stop his aggression! However the benefit of all that training is that he got the obedience down.. Which makes it easier now to correct his aggression.. He is 4 years old. My assessment on him based on the information the owners gave me and my observation of the dog is that he is confused and lost needing a someone to give him directions.. He wasn't socialized as a puppy which now affects how he reacts when he sees another dog and people too. The whole training is being based on teaching the owners how to stop his "aggression" so that they are able to socialize him and expose him to things he is reactive towards them. We will expose him to a number of situation, from people visiting the home, to going to the pet store and meeting other family dogs. Also I must point out that "Tails" the dog in the video has bitten people and have will attack other dogs. But what I explained to his owners that was because of his lack of socialization and once he is socialized his aggression will go away completely but they need to learn to control him first.. This entire video was filmed in one single day. To learn more about Augusto go to his Facebook page :
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