How to install Hercules DJ MK 2

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How to install Hercules DJ MK 2

The DJ must no longer merely contend with discs. There are libraries of music on the Internet that can be integrated into your mix. That's what the Hercules MK2 is all about. This all-in-one DJ Controller with audio is a complete computer DJ mixer. Everything is inside to animate parties or record DJing performance. High precision jog wheels and buttons are better with dedicated controls than with a mouse and a keyboard. So at your next gig, put all your discs on the hard drive, set your website to streams and music libraries and give them all you got - and more! And travel light. 2x 3 equalizer knobs 2x 4 buttons for effects Auto-Beat and Master tempo for each deck 1 mini sticks with 2 buttons emulating a mouse to navigate within any menu 2 buttons to select the audio source on the deck Headphones monitoring to prepare the next music track you will play Microphone input to talk over the music Combine digital & analog audio Compatible with external mixers 2 stereo outputs to plug to any mixer you want 2 phono inputs, Mix with vinyl plus MP3 Plug your Music player and mix it together with your computer audio files Multiple monitoring - Deck A, Deck B, Mix and Split A-B Works with Windows - Linux - Macintosh based computers
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