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I suck at editing videosl and have no idea how to do voice overs, id much rather talk it than type it. But here it goes!

Step 1- back pedal. The reason I start here is to really show the dog exactly what we want; and also how fun their name and recalling is about to be! So you want to back pedal while you praise, once you dog reaches you I wait for a sit then praise, however this is not a must, if your dog simply comes to you that's perfect! If your dog is faster than you and starts to pass you on the left or right jump in front of them and cut them off.

Step 2 - leash distance recall. So now your dog should have a good idea of what your wanting. Put your dog in a sit or down stay and recall, if your dog sits there and looks at you like your crazy your not being animated enough. You have to be more fun than what's around you. Lots of praise, jump around if you have to, get your dogs attention. Once your dog steps off towards you continue the praise until your dog reaches you.

Step 3 - time for a long leash, it's step 2 just more distance. With more distance means more distractions on the way to you. Remember PRAISE your dog all the way until your dog reaches you!

Step 4 - venturing off! Keep your dog on a long lead, allow your dog to venture off, get distracted, it's important your dogs back is facing you fully for this. You'll see In the video I attempt to back up while baron is sniffing but he quickly realizes I'm backing away and comes with me, wait for that right moment me recall. At the end of this you'll see baron venture off camera, he was on scent he picked up and I interrupted with a recall 🙂

Step 5 - drop that leash, give it a try! Praise praise praise!!!! If this part if hard for your dog, stay at step 3. It's not something your dog will get in 1 session.

you should have a solid recall. Remember recall is the most important, if you do recall in any negative way for the first time it's REALLY hard to go back from that. Keep it fun, don't get frustrated with your dog it takes time but it's also up to you to show your dog exactly what it is you want. I did not use treats
For this because Baron knows recall, however I do recommend having treats or a favorite toy as a motivator to get to you faster when starting out!

I'm sure there are multiple ways of teaching a dog recall, this is MY way and what I teach all of my dogs and clients dogs with a 100 percent success rate!

Any questions/comments/concerns?
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