It ALL Begins Here German Shepherd Puppies Bred For Personal Protection Work

It ALL Begins Here German Shepherd Puppies Bred For Personal Protection Work

These six and seven week old Prufenpuden German Shepherd puppies were bred by Master Trainer and Breeder David Harris exclusively for the role of Personal Protection. The breeding criteria and selection of breeding pairs is based of his thirty plus years of training experience and knowing what type of temperament is most suited for the task of HOME PROTECT and FAMILY LIFE. Many breeders are looking at criteria that is either not important (size, color, body type) or actual breeding for other purposes at cross odds to what the average home needs in a protection dog. Police dogs, show dogs, military dogs are often not suitable for home life. But, yet the vast majority of high level breeders are breeding for those task and not for the task of living in a real home, with real people. People that are not interested in competition, but yet want a quality dogs, with health and temperament suitable for home and family protection. That is where the Prufenpuden German Shepherd comes in. We cross that gap and breed specifically for what we, ask professional trainers, know is needed to successfully live in a home environment. Just watch our puppies work and you will quickly understand that we are not breeding dogs that are dull, dim witted or incapable of high level training, work or competition, but you will also see that they are more than capable of working AND being calm and gentle with kids and family members. That is our goal and the driving force behind our breeding program. There is a difference and if you take the time to look you will SEE the difference. The Proof IS IN THE Pudding!

Talk is cheap. We have hundreds and hundreds of videos that SHOW our work. Why don't others have this same type of video showing dog after dog after dog in development???? Do not fall for hype. See with your own eyes and give us a call for details on how you can own a dog breed, raised, trained and proofed for the task of coming into your home and immediately becoming a valued family member that can add to the safety of your family.

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