Second chance for Chance- The aggressive German shepherd.

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Second chance for Chance- The aggressive German shepherd.

Video update on my new rescue dog "Chance"
Chance was just surrendered to me due to his aggression issues.
This video is after my first session with him and show progress.. Before Chance could not be touched at all, but his ears and paws were particularly a no no.. even for his owners, which is why he was surrendered, it wasn't safe for the kids in the home.
Chance has food aggression , he is dog aggressive and doesn't warm up to strangers even after many attempts with treats and all.
He was sent to me from Massachusetts to South Carolina to be rehabilitated.
Please realize that I am a sarcastic and daring dog trainer.. But don't worry I am very good at what I do ?
DO NOT attempt this at home without the help of a professional.
To book me for training call 803-610-8855
Or email : [email protected]
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