goats returning to the barn from the 100 acres

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goats returning to the barn from the 100 acres

these are the goats we have at the farm they are now returning to where they spend the night.. our animals are raised cage free. and as natural and organic as possible.. find us on facebook " New England homesteading 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/607729849352528/

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  • Paula

    For my GSD, his vet has developed temperature parameters. Those are that he cannot be outside for more than 25 minutes IF the temp is -20 up to 95 degrees F. It is clearly stated on his papers. He is mostly black in color also my vehicle is black. So I do not vary those parameters. I leave him in vehicle w/ roof open and driving window. Many uneducated folks think it to be cruel that I take him with me and have called police. I feel they should know what the parameters are related to our dogs. I always bring water and bowl with me in vehicle. Also, in my state he must be fastened away from my driving [ he is real smart and loads himself to rear seat]. Where i hook and restrain him, he loves to be near me. He’s terrific at home, many here think him to be vicious but he isn’t at all.


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